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Creative Quarterly (CQ) 54th International Juried Competition

Open to all art directors, designers, illustrators, photographers and fine artists in all countries. Categories: advertising, graphic design, photography, illustration and fine art. Professional and student entries are judged separately.

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Plastic Design & Story Award 2018

This is a competition seeking new designs and stories that pioneer a new future and possibilities. Depending on what kind of bottle it’s in, even bottled water can have very different impression and experience. Plastic has the power to alter and even enhance the value of a product.

Total Prize: $18,000

International Design Awards Launches 12th Annual Global Design Competition

The International Design Awards (IDA) is calling designers and architects from around the world to submit their most innovative designs to its 12th annual design competition. The competition is open to architects, interior designers, product designers, graphic designers and fashion designers.

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3rd International Contest of the Theatrical Poster

Odessa Breeze is hosting its 3rd International Contest of the Theatrical Poster, this time as part of the X International Festival-Laboratory of Chamber Theaters and Small-Form Plays “MOLDFEST.RAMPA.RU”, Kishinev, Moldova.

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Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (GICB) 2019

The Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale (GICB), which celebrates its tenth edition in 2019, is expected to undergo significant changes, especially in regard to its “international competition”. The GICB aims to establish a platform dedicated to promoting communication and exchanges between artists and the public.

Total Prize: 93,222 USD

Green Good Design Awards

To many, sustainability is little more than a trendy slogan or the latest marketing gimmick. To leaders in design, industry, manufacturing, and the corporate world, GREEN DESIGN adheres to strict guidelines in order to shape an international agenda and the international community's attitude toward economic, social, and environmental development.

2019 San Diego Latino Film Festival International Poster Competition

Media Arts Center San Diego’s San Diego Latino Film Festival is now accepting submissions for the International Poster Competition of its 26th edition, to take place from March 14 – 24, 2019. The competition is open to individuals, teams and design firms from around the world.

Total Prize: 1000$

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Poster design Competition “NO EXCUSE”

The current communicative action addresses the issue of violence against women. This is one of the most widespread and hidden forms of human rights’ violations. It is grounded in unequal social relations between the genders, stems from the unfair distribution of personal and social authority between the genders, and arises from cultural environments and education systems.

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Laka Competition 2018: Architecture that Reacts

Laka invites designers from around the world to submit their ideas of “architecture that reacts”. The main focus of the competition is on the solutions that develop through a process of changes and adjustments.

Total Prize: $1.000 

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