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Industrial Design Contests

Pro Carton Young Designers Award 2019

The Pro Carton Young Designers Award is now one of Europe’s leading annual young talent competitions for packaging design. It also plays a pioneering role in promoting sustainability as it focuses exclusively on cartonboard design!

SMART Label 2019: Call For Submission – INDUSTRIAL DESIGN AWARD

A domotic door handle that welcomes guests and amazes them on arrival with easily recognisable, customisable and technologically advanced functions, presenting an interface that is both physical and cognitive.

Chengdu International Home Design Award 2019 by iF (CIHDA)

As the home and furniture industry is on the rise in China, the International Furniture Fair Chengdu has launched a new award in cooperation with iF: The Chengdu International Home Design Award 2019 by iF (CIHDA).

2019 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition

Aluminum extrusions are all around home in windows, doors, railings, appliances...on the road in cars, trucks, signs, traffic lights...on the water in boats and docks... in the work or the gym, the playground, the stadium, the supermarket, the doctor's office. Every day, you come in contact with a wealth of products made better by aluminum extrusions.

Total Prize: $8,500

Jumpthegap 2018-2019 – 8th Roca International Design Contest

The 8th Roca jumpthegap® competition has been announced and will soon open registration for conceptual, sustainable and innovative solutions for the bathroom space of the future.

Total Prize: €26,000

SME 2019 Digital Manufacturing Challenge

Energy and the work it can do are fundamental to our world and they exist in many forms. Harnessing energy through its generation or conversion, transfer and storage, is often accompanied by heat.

FNSS MILDESIGN International Land Vehicles Design Competition

The competition, which is organized in two categories namely the ‘Professional Category’ and the ‘Student Category’ is taking part among the reputable design competitions in Turkey and in the world with its scope, criteria, Awards and Selection Committee.

Total Prize: $40,000

Student Lighting Competition Light & Culture

The IESNYC is celebrating the 19th year of the Student Lighting Competition. This year’s theme, LIGHT & CULTURE, challenges students to construct a three-dimensional study exploring the role of light in rituals, events, or rites of passage.

Total Prize: $3,500

Young Bird Plan 2018 Guanish Product Design International Competition Announced!

Tea, a leaf grown in deep forests and remote mountains is always the spiritual drink of scholars through thousands of years’ accumulation. However, it can’t be accepted by 80s and 90s young generations in China.

Total Prize: 80,000 RMB (

Industrial Design Contests


Industrial design is the appearance of a variety of elements or features that can be perceived by human senses such as line, color, shape, texture, material flexibility or embellishment of the whole or a part of a product.

Industrial design contests take into consideration both the consumer needs and demands and the manufacturer’s requirements; however, contests aims to design innovative products by considering criteria such as creativity, functionality, ergonomics, technical and aesthetic features, material selection, production techniques and cost, possible location of the product in the market. In industrial design contests, packaging design contests, furniture design contests, product design contests are common. Industrial design contests have a wide range from the most simple objects we encounter in daily life to complex objects made with the latest technology.

In the design process, both the manufacturer organization’s production possibilities, cost, market share, the target consumer, as well as the user’s cultural values, aesthetic appreciation, ease of use and security needs are significant factors. In industrial design contests, creative, unexpected unique products that address a problem are expected from designers. For example, you make a kitchen product. This product is expected to be very good in design, not only with its functionality, but also with its human relation and ergonomics.

The jury will go for a product that is good with its appearance, design, function and economic value.

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Industrial design contests are important opportunities for designers in terms of their career and improvement.


Brands can sometimes organize industrial design contests to see different perspectives, and other times to make profit commercially.

Some institutions can organize industrial design contests only in order to improve the art of industrial design or to raise awareness on social responsibility topics.


Industrial design contests may be organized by several kinds of organizations like brands, companies, associations, educational institutions etc. Industrial design contests can be held open to professionals, students or public.


Industrial design contests often have awards for winners. Awards may be moral (scholarship, certificate) or material. The owners of the awards can sometimes be determined by the jury assigned by the contest owner and sometimes by voting.