Pro Carton Young Designers Award 2019


The Pro Carton Young Designers Award is now one of Europe’s leading annual young talent competitions for packaging design. It also plays a pioneering role in promoting sustainability as it focuses exclusively on cartonboard design!

We are excited to announce that submissions for the 2019 Pro Carton Young Designers Award are open and run right through until mid-May 2019, so >> get your creative juices running!

Teachers can plan the Awards into the curriculum for this academic year (see offer of support below); and students, please encourage your teachers to let you participate.

We will invite the 4 category winners plus 6 Finalists to the Awards Gala Dinner which this year is in Malta. And the teachers of the finalists are also invited!

Entries can be submitted across four categories:

  • Creative Cartonboard Packaging: Eat & Drink: The focus lies on cartonboard as the most sustainable food and beverages packaging material and its recyclability. Give us a taste of great design!
  • Creative Cartonboard Packaging: All other: This category focusses on using the most sustainable packaging material for non-food packaging. Everything needs packaging, have a look around yourself and get inspired!
  • Creative Cartonboard Ideas: Think outside the box! Here’s a chance for you to put forward your cartonboard ideas outside of the packaging market.
  • Save the Planet: Every minute a truck load of plastics is dumped in the ocean. Show us your ideas as to how cartonboard can reduce or replace plastic and help us save the planet!

Please submit physical 3D samples of your designs, illustrations or two dimensional layouts are also welcome.

What you can win:

  • The main prize for the 4 category winners is a visit to the Stora Enso in Sweden plus practical training at AR Packaging in Sweden. All expenses paid, of course!
  • Furthermore, all winners, finalists and each of their lecturers will be invited to the Gala Awards dinner at the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA) Congress in September 2019 in Malta where the European folding carton industry will meet for this networking event of the year! All expenses will be covered by Pro Carton: Travel costs, 2 nights in a luxury hotel, the elegant Award Gala and even a budget for night out in Malta!
  • All finalists will receive framed certificates.

For inspiration take a look at

Also, you can see more about the two sponsor companies that will be welcoming the 2019 winners at and

Services for Design Schools and Universities:

We would be happy to support you with >> Publications on cartons and cartonboard, and, above all, complimentary cartonboard for the design work. We want to provide a real hands on learning experience for the students!

If you like us to send you cartonboard for your students you are most welcome to order free of charge here:

The cartonboard for this year´s Award is being sponsored by Mayr-Melnhof Karton.

It is also possible to arrange for Pro Carton members to come to your school or university and hold workshops on the numerous options that cartonboard and cartons offer (design, technology, production, marketing …).

Please let us know what else we can do for you and contact us:
Suzanne McEwen

What can I enter?

Entries can be submitted in four categories:

  • Creative Cartonboard Packaging Food & Drink
  • Creative Cartonboard Packaging All – excluding Food & Drink
  • Creative Cartonboard Ideas
  • Save the Planet

How do I enter?

  • All submitted materials – designs, layouts and/or models, empty packaging etc.
    • must be true to scale, regardless of their actual size and use,
    • must be made exclusively of cartonboard (over 200 g/m2),
    • be folded and possibly glued.
    • Designs need to be three-dimensional designs.
    • Each entry must be registered online,
    • Send your entry with a copy of the entry form to the Award office – so we can identify your physical entry
  • If possible, all entries must be provided as print-ready versions (not larger than A3). A layout or description of one A4 page maximum must accompany all three-dimensional samples, models, empty packs etc. A description is desirable under all circumstances.
  • Each entry should include a “Promote your Design” text comprising approx. 100 words as well as between one and up to a maximum of five photos of the design (please ensure good quality – no photo collages or images with text).
  • Unless expressly requested otherwise, all shortlisted entries as selected by the jury will be included in the public voting for the Public Award on the Pro Carton website after the deadline for the entry has expired.

Who can participate?

The competition is aimed at all design students in Europe who are not working as professionals. They must not have completed their studies before the summer of 2019 (proof is to be supplied with the entry, e.g. student enrolment document). An entry gives the organisers the right to showcase the submitted concepts in a public exhibition, including publication, promotion and documentation of the competition.

What can I win?

  1. For the 4 category winners: The main prize for the category winners is a visit to the Stora Enso Mill in Sweden plus a practical training at an international carton converter.
  2. This is for the 4 winners and the other 6 finalists on top together with their teachers: An invitation to the award ceremony at the international ECMA Congress in Malta (maximum one person plus one teacher per entry) – travel expenses and accommodation all borne by Pro Carton.
  3. A special trophy
  4. A corresponding certificate
  5. International publicity and recognition: publication of prizes and prize winners (press releases, website and social media)

There will be one award winner for each category plus a total number of six finalists.

Where and when can I enter?

Entries must be received by

Pro Carton Young Designers Award
c/o Lejeune Association Management
Laan van Nieuw Oost-Indië 131-G
NL-2593 BM The Hague
The Netherlands

no later than 17th May 2019 and be labelled “Pro Carton Young Designers Award“. They can be returned to the entrant upon special request and at their own cost and risk. Entrants are responsible for ensuring that their entries arrive on time.

What does entry cost?

Participation is free of charge. The organisers are not responsible for the submitted materials.

How does the jury work?

The jury consists of designers, brand owners, retailers as well as manufacturers of cartonboard and cartons. This ensures that the needs of the entire Supply Chain are taken into consideration.

Members of the jury, their relatives and the organisers are excluded from participating in the competition. Pro Carton retains the right to use all entries for public relations purposes. The decisions of the jury are final.

How does the public voting work?

Following the jury meeting early in June, the shortlisted designs will be presented on a voting page on this website. Furthermore all shortlisted designs will be promoted on our Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

One vote can be cast per day. The voting ends on 10th September 2019. Users trying to manipulate this limit will be excluded.

The winner of the public voting will receive an iPad (Wi-Fi, 128GB) and a certificate as the public’s favourite. There will be a prize draw for a further iPad among all those voting on

The winner will be drawn within early in October 2019 and will be notified by e-mail. If the winner does not respond to this mail within 7 days, the prize will be forfeited and there will be another draw for a new winner.

Multiple wins are not possible. The organiser’s decision is final. Prizes cannot be redeemed in cash.

The organisers will not pass on personal data nor disclose addresses to third parties.




SMART Label 2019: Call For Submission – INDUSTRIAL DESIGN AWARD

SMART Label 
A domotic door handle that welcomes guests and amazes them on arrival with easily recognisable, customisable and technologically advanced functions, presenting an interface that is both physical and cognitive. Tables designed to revolutionise the art of laying tableware, even in the most elegant kitchens. A suspended minibar among the finest in the world. Smart decanters that employ revolutionary technologies to enhance bouquet and aroma. New generation coffee capsules with an oxygen barrier, designed to maintain the organoleptic properties of coffee, customisable and compatible with the most widespread brands. And then we have universal printing systems for Plug & Play food systems that enable food products to be creatively manufactured according to custom requirements. These are just some of the “intelligent” solutions expressed by the world of hospitality businesses that have received the SMART Label award over the years, an honour dedicated to innovation in the field of professional hospitality promoted by the Host – Milan fair, in collaboration with and sponsored by ADI, the Association for Industrial Design. An award venue that returns with a new edition addressed to all the companies registered in HostMilano 2019, a world leading event in the hotel industry, which will present the latest news in terms of equipment, raw materials, equipment and semi-finished products from Friday 18 to Tuesday 22 October 2019 at Fiera Milano, Rho.
Indeed, HostMilano has become an unmissable two-year event for the discovery of new useful items for a successful hospitality business: from raw materials to semi-finished products, machinery, equipment, furniture and tableware. At the same time, attendees will be able to enjoy in-depth previews of future trends. And it is precisely the ability to capture future trends that is rewarded with SMART Label, an award that highlights and confirms the extreme vitality of a sector capable of continuously renewing itself, constantly improving and personalising its offer. 497 nominations have been collected in the last three editions, 156 companies have been honoured with the SMART Label and more than 20 special SMART Label Innovation awards to as many products capable of driving significant changes in the sectors of reference of many companies.
“The SMART Label numbers indicate how much this award has become a point of reference for identifying the best ‘smart’ solutions and products resulting from advanced scientific, technological and production processes with appreciable advantages for increasing quality of life” – claims Matteo Ingaramo, Director of “I believe that awards such as this, which arise from an in-depth collaboration between institutions such as and Fiera Milano, are essential to stimulate and enhance innovative ideas capable of using technology in an advanced and useful manner, involving the appreciation of users and society . This is a positive vision that positions this initiative as the leading technological and commercial offer in the hospitality sector on a global scale”.
For 2019, SMART Label in 2019 envisages three award categories: Smart Label for products characterised by with innovative content, Innovation Smart Label for products with a high innovation content, disruptive solutions and which overcome consolidated trends in the sector and Green Smart Label for products with a high level of innovation and distinctive characteristics in terms of energy efficiency, environmental compatibility and eco-sustainability industry trends.
Two Special Mention categories have also been confirmed, they are destined for  products that stand out in the application of new materials that contribute to energy saving, energy recovery or for the introduction of digital connections between different products in an Internet of Things perspective aimed at improving interaction and use of individual products.
The winning entries will be awarded the “Label“, a truly distinctive plaque that will put them in the spotlight at Host 2019 and at any future promotional venues, and will enrol them in the Index of “Smart Products” at Host Milano 2019, where a dedicated exhibition and a specially designed itinerary will further raise the visibility of these SMART and innovative developments.
How to enter and judging 
Until April 29th 2019, the companies registered for Host Milano 2019 may candidate their own product or project under development, according to the procedures indicated on the website, by means of a dedicated digital template (no other forms of application will be accepted). Only one entry per company will be accepted.
The complete event rules are available at and
The commission’s assessment criteria
The Commission will be composed of 5 members, selected among teachers, professionals and international experts, with proven experience or qualifications in the fields of Design, Hospitality and Energy Saving. The Commission will assess the candidate products/services/projects on the basis of the following fundamental elements: the functional efficiency of the product or service, the effectiveness of the product’s performance or the usability of the service, the degree of innovation of the usage approach and technologies, and the advantages for users.




Creative Conscience Awards 2019


The Creative Conscience Awards welcome projects by students and graduates (of up to two years) from any creative discipline. The deadline for 2018 has now passed, but we’ll be launching the 2019 awards at the end of this year. The awards are the perfect opportunity to push your curiosity and create the change you want to see in the world. You can enter the awards solo or in a team (of up to six), and can choose your own issue to tackle or work from one of our exciting briefs.

Example Briefs

Our awards scheme searches for exciting projects with a focus on social impact. You can enter anything you like, as long as the project fits into one of our Impact Themes. We also have some exciting briefs that give a starting point if you feel you need it, tackling some of the most relevant issues that our world faces today. This years deadlines have passed, but feel free to download the briefs for your own personal projects, or to start working early on an entry for the 2019 awards. Shortlisted projects are judged by a panel of industry experts based on your creative approach and the potential impact of your project.

Open Brief Background

If you have an issue that you are passionate about, that you believe could help change the world in a positive way you could enter it under our Open Brief. You could identify something that isn’t working for you about the world around you and look for a solution. We’re interested however big or small your ideas are. We are looking for solutions and provocations that will call people to action and can lead to genuine impact. Projects can be conceptual or have the potential to develop into real life-changing solutions. The themes you might wish to explore can be broad and varied. Past projects have included design solutions for food waste, humanitarian aid, education, water shortage, energy efficiency, inclusivity, campaigns & products against FGM, bullying, inequality, poverty, homelessness, child abuse, over-consumption, mental illness, urban living – to list just a few subject areas.

Open Brief Challenge

The Open Brief is your chance to create a project that deals with any issue you’re passionate about solving. Identify something that isn’t working in the world around you and look for a solution, however big or small. We’re looking for solutions and provocations that have the potential to provoke action and have a genuine impact. Projects can be conceptual or have the potential to develop into real life-changing solutions. Past projects have included creative solutions for food waste, humanitarian aid, education, water shortage, energy efficiency, inclusivity, bullying, inequality, poverty, homelessness, child abuse, over-consumption, mental illness, urban living and much more.

Mental Health Background

Negative experiences happen in all of our lives: difficulties with work or finances, the breakdown of a relationship, overwhelming family responsibilities, or a significant setback for example. Mental health can affect anyone. There are many ways we can cope with mental illness: establishing and maintaining relationships, discussing our issues and taking action when possible, however there are stigmas surrounding mental health that we unfortunately need to tackle.

Mental Health Challenge

How can you use your creative skills to aid those with mental health issues? If your life or the life of those around you has been touched by mental health issues, then use these experiences as possible entry points into the brief and as a means of research to explore potential routes and solutions. The challenge really is boundless in however you want to approach it, all we ask is that the outcome is optimistic and empowering towards the audience. Let’s open up and tackle this issue head on to create some real positive change in the world. Here are some useful links to start you off: Movember Onemindinstitute

Equality Background

Equality is a human right. Both men and women are entitled to live with dignity and with freedom from want and from fear. Whether this be gender equality as a precondition for advancing development and reducing poverty: empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole communities, improving the prospects for the next generation. Or more general human rights for minorities, those under threat of being suppressed or living in fear because of who they are or what they believe.

Equality Challenge

Can you think of a way to change current behaviours and inspire people to understand the value brought by treating everyone equally? You may simply want to raise awareness, or perhaps you can think of a way to actively change human behaviour and understanding. Here are some useful links to start you off: Global Goals Rightsinfo Cause2create Creativeequals

Refugee Crisis Background

This brief has been set in partnership with Help Refugees The most basic requirements for refugees to regain their independence are housing, language and employment. Without housing, people become destitute; without the ability to speak the local language, it is very difficult to get a job; without employment independence is almost impossible.

Refugee Crisis Challenge

How can we creatively support the empowerment of refugees in host countries, and improve their access to opportunities? Local language: classes can be expensive and restrictive in terms of the amount that you can study, when and where. What creative solutions could help with this? Employment: refugee unemployment in the UK is 50%, and many refugees are overqualified for the jobs they take. How can we find creative ways to increase people’s chances of finding meaningful work quickly? Integration: how can we build bridges with local communities? Can you find ways to keep community at the heart of these proposals? Empowerment: Can you consider innovative ways for Help Refugees to raise more funds to allow us to do more for empowerment projects? *96p from every pound raised already goes straight to our projects on the ground.

Conscious Consumption Background

We can’t continue to consume and buy ‘stuff’ at our current rate without serious consequences. ‘The story of stuff’ tells us why.

Conscious Consumption Challenge

The Conscious Consumption brief is an opportunity to create solutions to help re-direct our worlds trajectory towards self-destruction. This could explore themes on not just what we consume, but how and why. Where do the things we consume come from, and what are their impact e.g. environmental, psychological and/or societal. What methods could we use to design products that are sustainable and have a minimal or even positive ecological impact? And what would these products be? How could mindsets be shifted (especially in first world countries) away from misguided, and damaging purchasing habits? Why do we consume, and what are the often overlooked motivations for consumption – and are there ways we can nurture or redirect these energies? The solutions to these questions should aim to educate, inspire, excite and encourage new behaviours, so we can consciously consume.


  • Creating materials/products that do not cause harm to us and our environment (e.g. cradle to cradle)
  • Designing new systems (Donut and sharing economies are examples of this)
  • How can we educate and inform people about their choices in a fun, exciting and positive way.

Reference brands: Patagonia, Fairphones and Rubymoon

The awards ceremony and beyond

If you’re a winner you will receive an invite to our awards ceremony, hosted in London in July. At the ceremony you’ll get to mingle with creatives and professionals from complimentary organisations as well as other winners. Your winning work will be displayed on our site, plus you’ll be invited to be part of the Creative Conscience Collective – a platform to communicate with other winners, past and present, and where exclusive events and opportunities are shared. Beyond the awards, we also help to bring the brightest and most innovative projects to life though our Impact scheme. Providing contacts and mentorship, we support you with your project helping to create tangible impact in the world.




Chengdu International Home Design Award 2019 by iF (CIHDA)

As the home and furniture industry is on the rise in China, the International Furniture Fair Chengdu has launched a new award in cooperation with iF: The Chengdu International Home Design Award 2019 by iF (CIHDA). The award will also celebrate the fair’s 20th birthday, taking place from 1 to 4 June 2019 in Chengdu.

Manufacturers, designers, sales representatives, importers and distributors related to the home furnishing industry are welcome to participate in the new award until 5 April 2019.

CIHDA is a great opportunity to unlock Western China and to get an international and professional audience for your home designs: Nearly 270,000 buyers and retailers are expected at the Chengdu International Furniture Fair, where all entries that passed the First-round jury will be showcased.

After 20 years of development, International Furniture Fair Chengdu is designed to be presented in a pattern of “One Fair & Double Venues”, in other words, to be held simultaneously in Western China International Expo City and Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center, with the exhibition area of 300,000m2 in total. As one of three major furniture exhibitions in China, the preferred platform for domestic furniture trade in China and the first major exhibition in central and western China, it will gather nearly 3,000 exhibitors from both home and abroad and attract professional purchasers about 270,000 person/time.

In 2019, coinciding with its 20th anniversary and striding forward to the goal of “being a leading, trendy and iconic fashion event in the home design circle”, the International Furniture Fair Chengdu will hold an event of “Chengdu International Home Design Award 2019” jointly with iF International Forum Design to encourage the growth of the sector, promote the innovation and upgrading of furniture industry in Chengdu, enhance the design capability of home furnishing industry in China, and strengthen the cooperation and exchange between domestic and foreign furniture industries.

Enterprises related to home furnishing industry are welcomed to participate in the award. Look forward to seeing you in the 20th International Furniture Fair Chengdu on 1 – 4 June 2019.

The International Forum Design is considered as one of the world’s leading industrial design institutions. iF enjoys special recognition thanks to its iF award – one of the world’s key design prizes – staged annually since 1953. As a service provider, iF conceives and implements corporate centered competitions, seminars, workshops, conferences and more. iF’s broad level of integrity and reputability insure the widest possible acceptance among all target groups.


  • 01 Living Room + Dining Room Furniture
  • 02 Bedroom Furniture
  • 03 Kitchen Furniture
  • 04 Office Furniture
  • 05 Outdoor Furniture
  • 06 Home Accessories




Jumpthegap 2018-2019 – 8th Roca International Design Contest

jumpthegap® is a biennial International Design Contest promoted by Roca with the collaboration of BCD Barcelona Design Center that is looking for conceptual, sustainable and innovative solutions for the bathroom space of the future.

8th Edition 2018/2019

The new edition of Roca International Design Contest jumpthegap® has started. The registration period will be open from October 10th until March 27th, during which young architects and designers can show their talent by submitting innovative and sustainable concepts for the bathroom space of the future.

FNSS MILDESIGN International Land Vehicles Design Competition


FNSS Defense Systems Inc., the armored combat vehicle manufacturer of Turkey was held FNSS MILDESIGN International Military Land Vehicles Design Competition for the first time in 2011 The competition is an important step in terms of making use of professional designers potential, and it’s purpose is to assist in raising designers for the defense industry, introducing young designers to professional circles and to support the activities in the development of indigenous products in Turkey.

The competition, which is organized in two categories namely the ‘Professional Category’ and the ‘Student Category’ is taking part among the reputable design competitions in Turkey and in the world with its scope, criteria, Awards and Selection Committee.

45 professionals and 20 students have participated with total 65 projects in the nationally held the first FNSS MILDESIGN competition in 2011. Due to the deep interest shown to FNSS  MILDESIGN International Land Vehicles Design Competition, it continues to be organized at international level. FNSS, aims to organize another successful competition this year together with the selection, advisory and organization committees consisting of members who are experts in their field and who come from different disciplines in the area of design.

FNSS wishes success to all competitors in FNSS MILDESIGN International Land Vehicles Design Competition.

Competition Rules & Regulations

Conceptual design of a hybrid, manned and remotely-controlled (in case of need) Military Land Vehicle with ballistic protection and modularity which enables the vehicle to change its mission capabilities when required.


1.1. Usage and Control:

1.1.1. The driver must be able to operate the vehicle, under ballistic protection, with maximum situational awareness. The rest of the crew and dismounts who have to fulfill other operational objectives must also have maximum situational awareness.

1.1.2. The vehicle can be remotely-controlled in case of need. Thus it must be equipped with suitable electronic hardwire

1.1.3. The advantages of remote control capability and operational situations must be explained with possible scenarios and fictional presentations.

1.1.4. The vehicle must be designed in compliance with the strategic logistics plans of armies for the next ten years.

1.2. Modularity

1.2.1. In Terms of Mission: If necessary the base vehicle must be designed to be converted into different configurations according to mission requirements. (Eg: Personnel Carrier, Ambulance, Mine Clearance, Reconnaissance, Recovery Maintenance, Command and Control) Although the participant is not responsible for designing vehicle variants, it can emphasize features that appeal to suggest, different and special scenarios and it can present examples. The vehicle is expected to be designed in its simplest form including mobility, protection, and load carrying capabilities as a modular vehicle other than its ballistic hull, power pack, and power train.

1.3. In Terms of Capability: The base vehicle design must be compatible to transform itself and/or modify by adding new features regarding specific mission requirements. (Eg: land and water mobility, ballistic protection, situational awareness).

1.4. Mobility:

1.4.1. On Land: The vehicle must be able to travel under difficult terrain and climatic conditions.

1.4.2 .Climate Conditions: Tropical, desert and cold northern climates

1.4.3. Terrain: It must be capable of traveling on icy, snowy, muddy, rocky and sandy soil.

1.4.4. In Water (swimming): The vehicle must be able to swim through inland waters like rivers and lakes.

The participants are expected to explain how these mobility characteristics shall shape the vehicle design.

1.5. External Dimensions:

The maximum external dimensions of the vehicle are as follows:

Length: ≤ 8 m
Width: ≤ 3,6 m
Height: ≤ 3 m


Each individual category will be scored separately. Percentages of each category are specified below:

2.1. Innovation:

Professional Category (P): 30 points
Student Category (S): 40 points

Creation of a vehicle concept with an innovative approach in design, presentation of original usage scenarios and modularity concepts are expected.

2.2. Feasibility:

Professional Category (P): 20 points
Student Category (S): 10 points

2.3. Design – Function Compatibility:

Professional Category (P): 25 points
Student Category (S): 25 points

The design is expected to include an integrative visual analysis and to ensure form – function compliance.

2.4. Level of Development and Detailing:

Professional Category (P): 25 points
Student Category (S): 25 points

The operational scenario and the technical details of the design and the extent of the details of its fictionalization shall be included in the evaluation.(e.g.: subjects like user – centered design, operation – oriented (functional) design, hosting basic mechanics solutions, defense concept, etc.)


3.1. Notice:

The competition announcement and participation requirements shall be posted on “” web site.

3.2. Registration:

As of 15 November 2018 until 1 March 2019, the competitors shall be able to pre – register electronically through “” website. A six – digit numerical participation code shall be automatically assigned to each project application to be made by the participants.

3.3. Deadline for Questions and Answers:

Participants may submit their questions to “” until February 28, 2019 The questions and answers shall be posted anonymously on the “Questions and Answers” page at website.

3.4. Submission of the Designs:

Participants may upload their Projects they designed according to participation requirements to, after they log in. The deadline for submission of the projects is 01 March 2019 by 23:59 local time in Turkey.

3.5. Announcement of the Competition Results and Award Ceremony:

The winning projects will be announced at the exhibition and award ceremony on May 1, 2019


4.1. Professional Category (P): Any person older than 18 years may take part in the competition as a professional designer without requiring any additional training or certificate. In individual and team participations, all participants must be 18 or over year of age.

4.2. Student Category (S): The students attending undergraduate level programs of the universities may participate in this category of the competition. Graduate and post-graduate students may not take part in the competition in the student category. Individuals with that status must be in the professional category.

•In order to apply to the student category, you should have passed 18-year old and not passed 27.

•All applicants of a team in the Student Category must be students at undergraduate level.

•Any team consisting of students taking part in the competition in the student category may include one academician with the status of “Group Advisor Academician.” In that case, the team leader must be a student.


The contestants of winning projects shall receive the following awards together with a plaque. All winning projects may be exhibited in national and international fairs attended by FNSS in 2019 with the name of the owner of the work and the first three prize – winning projects shall be published in competition related articles of the national and international journals. The Evaluation Committee may award honorable mentions to more than one project.
Awards shall be presented by FNSS to the leader of each successful team.

HONORABLE MENTION : Certificate of Achievement

HONORABLE MENTION : Certificate of Achievement

Foreign award winning contestants will receive their awards in USD currency converted from TRY with exchange rate of 29 April 2019


Information about the Evaluation Committee shall be announced in


Information about the Advisory Committee shall be announced in


8.1. Electronic Registration: As of 15 November 2018 the competition participants must be registered electronically by filling the competitor registration form available at The identity of the registered competitors shall be kept confidential by the competition organizers and the six – digit participant code obtained separately for each project must be kept confidential by competitors.

WHEREAS FNSS is sharing various data which are deemed ‘personal data’ within the scope of the Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 (the “LPPD”) as per the Competition between FNSS and the Competitors,

FNSS accepts, declares and undertakes to provide all personal data, including, but not limited to, any information, documents and personal data which may be deemed to be personal data of the Competitor within the scope of the Competition or which is provided under the Competition, as required by the service and / or legal obligations defined in the context of the Competition to keep it until the end of the period required for the performance of the legal obligations and / or to delete, destroy or anonymize if the reasons that require the processing of the personal data disappear.

Special personal data, within the scope of the Article 6 of the LPPD, personal race, ethnic origin, political thought, philosophical belief, religious, sect or other beliefs, disguise and dress, association, foundation or union membership, health, sexual life, criminal conviction and data on safety measures and biometric and genetic data; FNSS undertakes to process the personal data of the Competitor that is transferred to him/her and / or collected / recorded in any circumstances, in accordance with the principles and procedures specified in the LPPD.

8.2. Submission of the Projects: The Projects shall be uploaded as electronic copies to the fields defined at Competitors may submit maximum three projects.

8.3. Project Sheet Format: In projects, the design and features must be presented with diagrams and images presented from different angles.

8.4. All explanations/descriptions to be provided by a competitor on the project layouts must be in English.

8.5. After the MilDesign Committee has issued an approval to the effect that a competitor has met the preconditions, the competitor may not share its project with any third party until the end of the competition. If the competitor fails to comply with this requirement, its participation shall be deemed and void.

File Type (Format) : JPEG, PNG
Resolution (DPI) : 300 dpi (pixel / inch);
Sheet Size : Horizontal A3 size
Color Mode : RGB
Size : Maximum 10MB per file
Sheet Quantity : Minimum 2, maximum of 4

8.6. Project Reports: These are reports that shall be drawn up by project owners and explain the project’s goal, how this goal shall be achieved, its innovative features, materials and technical specifications in English, which shall not exceed 300 words.

8.7. Project Model File: The project model file must contain the defined plain state (outer shell) of the completed product. Only STL format is accepted.


9.1. Intellectual Property Rights:
A competitor shall own all kinds of rights on intellectual property such as patents, utility models, industrial design, know-how, and works which may result during/as a result of the competitor’s works under this Competition as well as inventions, methods, application, design, and all kinds of know-how which may be associated with such intellectual property. The competitor shall be entitled to use such intellectual property for his own purposes and for such purposes as production, marketing, and sale and shall also be personally responsible for taking necessary steps for copyright and industrial design protections. The Competitor hereby covenants and undertakes that the design, Project, etc. that it shall submit in connection with this Competition shall not infringe any intellectual property right. If the design, Project, etc. that the Competitor shall submit in connection with this competition has infringed any intellectual right, the Competitor shall defend FNSS against all lawsuits or investigations, responsible from all costs and expenses that FNSS shall inform the Competitor in writing and assist the Competitor if necessary and appropriate through the lawsuits or investigations.

9.2. Use for Advertising and Promotional Purposes:
FNSS shall have the right to display the projects at any time and in any manner in its sole discretion. Furthermore, FNSS may use the Projects and presentations related to the Projects for publicity purposes and may share them with the press and broadcasting organizations.

9.3. Scaled Model:
Out of the projects participating in the competition, the scaled model of those deemed suitable may be ordered to be produced and exhibited by FNSS.
Project Model File: A 3D model of the product consistent with its construction must be delivered. If data related to the 3D computer model is insufficient or incompatible, it shall not be possible to build a scaled model for the purpose of displaying the award winning projects.

9.4. Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights:
The owner of the design hereby irrevocably accepts, declares and undertakes that upon request of FNSS within a period of six months after announcement of the results of the competition, it shall give indefinite term license to FNSS for the exclusive use of intellectual property rights of the project participating in the competition. In such case, FNSS shall pay a mutually agreed price to the owner of the design, which shall not exceed the amount of the highest prize.

9.5. Storage of Projects Submitted to the Competition:
Projects delivered for the competition and related files may be stored in FNSS database for an unlimited period of time.

9.6. Presentation of Awards and Merits:
Award plaques and certificates of achievements shall be presented to the winners during the awards ceremony. Monetary awards shall be deposited;

in case of individual participation: to the bank account of the Project Owner
in case of a team participation: to the bank account of the Team Leader.

9.7. Number of Projects that may participate in the Competition:
Any competitor may submit maximum three designs. However, they must apply with a new participation code for each different design.

9.8. Facility Rules:
In case the competition awards ceremony is held in FNSS Gölbaşı facilities, the competitors and visitors shall be obliged to comply with FNSS Facility entrance – exit and visitor rules.

9.9. Participation of Award – Winning Projects:
Any work product which have previously taken part in any design competition and/or received prizes may not participate in this competition.

9.10. Participation of Non – Original Projects:
The project and presentation materials participating in the competition must be original. In case it is determined by the jury that the project or presentation materials evaluated are not original, FNSS shall not be responsible for the relevant interpersonal dispute. FNSS shall have the right to withdraw the award or awards from the participant or the team.

9.11. Who are not Allowed Participate in the Competition?
FNSS Savunma Sistemleri A.Ş., NUROL Holding, and BAE Systems’ employees and their immediate relatives may not participate in this competition. The persons employed in the Evaulation Committee, Advisory Committee and the Competition Committee and their first degree relatives may not participate in this competition.

9.12. Points to be considered in Competition Documents:
The competition documents may not contain any name, lettering or sign that introduces or that has the aim or potential to introduce its owner, in any part. Competitors shall draw up their reports in project registration phase defined for competitors in and submit to the system. Any project sent by mail or in handwriting shall definitely not be accepted.

9.13. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions:
As of the moment they approve their participation applications electronically via website, the Competitors shall be deemed to have accepted al competition terms and conditions and the jury decisions without any change.

9.14. Disqualification Conditions:
A competitor, failing to fulfill the conditions set forth in this specification shall be disqualified. Any award given shall be taken back by FNSS.


Professional Category (P)

First: 100.000 Turkish Lira (18,000$)
Second: 50.000 Turkish Lira (9,000$)
Third: 20.000 Turkish Lira (4,000$)
Honorable Mention: Certificate of Achievement

Student Category (S)

First: 20.000 Turkish Lira (4,000$)
Second: 10.000 Turkish Lira (2,000$)
Third: 5,000 Turkish Lira (1,000$)
Honorable Mention: Certificate of Achievement





Total Prize: $40,000

Student Lighting Competition Light & Culture

The IESNYC is celebrating the 19th year of the Student Lighting Competition. This year’s theme, LIGHT & CULTURE, challenges students to construct a three-dimensional study exploring the role of light in rituals, events, or rites of passage. Light can often be a critical element in a religious or national celebration, like fireworks on the Fourth of July, a lifetime milestone, like a unity candle at a wedding, or a daily observance, like a sun salutation. Light & Culture allows each individual to expand upon their own experiences of light and how it contributes to culture.

Students currently enrolled in a NYC-based college or university are eligible. 
Prizes include $2,000 for the first place winner, as well as $1,000 for the second place winner, and $500 for third.

Download additional submission requirements and FAQ’s

Reception, Exhibition, Keynote Speaker, and Announcement of the Winners
Tuesday, March 5, 2019
6:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Location (Please note new location)
4 West 43rd St
New York, NY

Student Lighting Competition Schedule and Requirements

  • Students must fill out the online application form
  • Registration closes on Sunday, February 17, 2019
  • On the day of the competition, students set up entries between 7:30 AM and 11:30 AM
  • Students, faculty, and the public return between 6:00 PM and 10:00 PM for a Reception, Exhibition, Keynote Speaker, and Announcement of the Winners
  • Key Note Speaker and Announcement of Winners begins at 8:00 PM
  • Students must pick up their submission at 10:00 PM

About the IESNYC Student Competition

The IESNYC Student Lighting Competition is dedicated to our founder, Patricia DiMaggio. As an NYC educator and past president of IESNYC, we uphold Patricia’s goals of education, community, and friendly competition. Having grown from 8 students in 2000 to over 200 students today, it is a legacy which will continue to grow with all your support.

One of the goals of the IESNYC is to promote education and greater awareness about the importance of lighting and the Student Competition is one of the contributors towards these efforts. Since 2000, they have invited students from New York City Art and Design schools to participate in a city wide design competition. The competition empowers students to explore light as an art form, demonstrate light as a stimulus, and prove light as a valuable medium. Every year, students in lighting, architecture, interior design, art, product design, photography and electrical engineering programs have submitted projects, resulting in a diverse showcase of ideas and interpretations on a single theme. The IESNYC Student Competition has been incorporated into the curriculum lighting classes in several area schools and has piqued an interest in lighting design of close to a thousand design students to date.




Total Prize: $3,500

Young Bird Plan 2018 Guanish Product Design International Competition Announced!

Tea, a leaf grown in deep forests and remote mountains is always the spiritual drink of scholars through thousands of years’ accumulation. However, it can’t be accepted by 80s and 90s young generations in China. Under the promotion of cultural rejuvenation and consumption update, tea market is changing its traditional sales mode to a more diversified, modern and younger sales mode. As a result, it is reported that young people pay more attention to tea and tea-drinking lifestyle than before and tea becomes the best substitution of coffee and soft drinks. Xiao Guan Tea, a high-end Chinese tea brand covering all tea categories takes its responsibilities to explore a happy lifestyle and improve people’s living standards. It begins its business from scratch and becomes a legend in the industry within only two years. Apart from its high quality, Xiao Guan Tea makes every effort to promote the importance of innovation and make Chinese tea younger and more fashionable.


Since the emergence of tea bags, the western changed their way to drink tea, which hastened the birth of Lipton, a world-level tea brand. Based on that, Xiao Guan Tea expects to change Chinese people’s experience of original leaf tea by beautifying tea package.

After three years’ exploration and over 10 package materials’ trials, food grade aluminum jar was selected as the package of Xiao Guan Tea. The aluminum jar is both safe and environmental, which can be recycled. Meanwhile, one jar for one cup of tea is really convenient for the young, and the jar becomes one of the most innovative attempts in tea package industry.


To simplify the way Chinese people drink tea, innovative tea set shall be also provided. The fashion and modern tea set designed by Xiao Guan Tea makes tea drinking easier and more convenient. It also combines the function of covered bowl and Kowloon cup while integrates the style of western modern tea set. Accordingly, the tea set brings a new experience to people who drink tea.

Xiao Guan Tea located itself as world Chinese tea, which aims to make Chinese tea more well-known to the whole world by reconstructing traditional tea culture and tea industry. Standardized products make the consumption process more efficient and simplified. Besides, the fashionable package design attracts more young people. Xiao Guan Tea develops its products based on users’ experience while taking all details in the process of tea drinking into account. As a result, the Chinese tea culture and its traditional industry frame are combined and rebuilt by Xiao Guan Tea.

This time, Xiao Guan Tea, along with international competition platform Young Bird Plan, launches “Guanish” product design international competition. It calls for younger and creative minds to design a new series of tea drinking products which may create new style for young generation to drink tea.

Millennial generation is defined as the generation born between 1980 and 1996, while Generation Z between 1997 and 2010. The general editor of Kantar China Insights says millennials and generation Z may respectively correspond to 80s and 90s group in China. However, it’s interesting to find that the gap between above two generations becomes more and more blurred in pace with your deeper exploration. And it is even widely recognized that the two generations have combined into one strong group with great power which will reshape the consumption culture in the global market.

It is undoubted that how to win millennials and generation Z becomes the key point in the commercial world. Let’s wait and see how will the Guanlish Product Design Competition catch the eyes of new generation.


Whole design schemes for Xiao Guan Tea shall include:

  • Colorful tea jar (it shall be fashionable, cool and attractive to young people)
  • Colorful tea set
  • Package jar for the tea; package for the tea set; package for the whole suit

Package materials are not limited, but environmental protection and sustainability shall be considered.




Total Prize: 80,000 RMB (

LAMP 2019 – International Lighting Design Competition & Exhibition

L A M P aims to introduce a broader audience to lighting design while promoting and connecting emerging talents to new markets. Each year the competition challenges designers to approach their lighting fixtures with the guidance of a theme.

L A M P is excited to announce its partnership with Design Milk moving forward into the 2019 International Lighting Design Competition. The 6th edition of L A M P is sending out a call for entries to designers worldwide to submit their designs to be juried by some of the industry’s top professionals. Top Ten Finalists from each category will be displayed at the annual L A M P Exhibition that opens IDS Vancouver Offsite in September 2019.

Submissions open October 1st and the deadline to submit is January 31, 2019. See 2019 Competition tab for details on guidelines and how to submit.




““Design Milk is thrilled to be partnered with such an incredible competition that truly celebrates modern, innovative design. We have admired L A M P for many years now and appreciate how dedicated they are to the community. We look forward to seeing the 2019 TEXTURE entries.”

— Jaime Derringer, Design Milk

2019 Theme: TEXTURE


October 1 – Submissions Open
Nov 1 – Judges & Prizes Announced


January 31 – Final Submissions Deadline
March 30 – Judging Process Complete

April 1 – June 1 – People’s Choice Voting Online
August 1 – Competition Finalists Announced

August 30-Sept 15 Finalists to ship fixtures to Vancouver for Exhibition


opens as part of IDS Vancouver OFF-Site events.

about last year’s competition:

““BALANCE was a clever subject and we were very impressed by the diversity of lights. LED is certainly a big improvement in our daily technical life, but it is very important not to miss the following element of light: The essence of light. Congratulations to the winners. Keep on going and think of the light that pleases its core and our souls!”

— Ingo Maurer



L A M P is a small organization that devotes itself to promoting and connecting emerging talents to new markets in lighting design. Our submission fees and sponsorships go directing into operating costs associated with the exhibition. This is an opportunity to showcase your work outside of the costly trade show environment yet within the support of community, as we open the exhibition as an IDS Vancouver Offsite event. Costs often associated with exhibiting at a trade-show range in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars. For the cost of the submission fee and shipping of your fixture, participation in L A M P as a finalist affords you the following invaluable benefits:

  • The opportunity for your design to be viewed and reviewed by the industry’s top designers.
  • An online feature on the L A M P website for perpetuity. An annual advertising value worth hundreds of dollars.
  • Your design being promoted through our newsletters and social media often more than once.
  • Receiving high resolution photography from the event. One photo of your light is a value of $60+, outside of the costs of hiring a professional photographer.
  • Inclusion in our Finalists press release that goes out through, a value of $500 alone, outside of the cost of hiring a publicist.
  • The opportunity to be featured through our wide-reaching press releases which often lead to published interviews with high-profile online and print magazines.
  • Winner in all three categories will be included in a feature on the Design Milk website and inclusion in a winners’ gallery Instagram post.
  • Participation in the widely attended, unique and engaging L A M P Exhibition. Costs associated with rental of space like this within a design fair run in the tens of thousands.
  • Opportunity to be invited to participate in other design fairs worldwide.

Plastic Worlds – Eleven’s 12th International Design Competition


A Competition about Plastic in our Oceans

Our latest challenge is an effort to fight plastic waste in our waters by focusing on rivers and oceans. Plastic pollution in our oceans is one of the biggest environmental problems we are facing today on our planet. It is no longer an occurrence reserved to isolated pockets of our earth, but rather a booming global phenomenon. We invite creatives and visionaries from all around the world to join in and fight plastic pollution through raw creativity, imagination and talent.

We are now witnessing the exponential growth of a world-wide plastic epidemic, as our planet is becoming covered in man-made waste. Every year, we produce over 300 million tonnes of plastic. In other words, the total plastic weight we produce annually is equal to the total weight of the entire adult population of our planet.

By design, plastic is virtually indestructible and hence very hard to deal with as waste in an ecological way. Between 8 to 12 million tons of plastic pollution end up in our oceans every year, fuelled by gigantic river systems which pump the discarded plastics from our cities to our seas. From toxic microparticles in the deepest parts of the ocean, to gigantic waste islands the size of countries, the oceans today are riddled with plastic. Over 80% of marine litter is now plastic, with an estimated 46,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometre in the world’s oceans and over 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating around our waters.

This is quickly killing our planet’s marine life – from plankton to whales, corals, birds, seals and turtles – and destroying their delicate ecosystems. But this is just the beginning, as the amount of plastic in the ocean is set to increase tenfold by 2020 and with figures suggesting that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than there are fish by weight.

The urgency to act is the driving force behind this competition: a challenge designed to get the creative community engaged with our plastic world and propose innovative solutions from a design-led solution.

We ask you to think of ways to fight the plastic problem in our waters – from rivers to oceans – and turn a threat into an opportunity. The competition is developed around two themes, each with a specific objective and site typology linked to it.

The first is the theme of ‘prevention’, which is linked to rivers and focuses on the concept of halting the plastic flow through interventions on these massive water infrastructures.

The second theme is ‘action’, which is linked to the oceans and focuses on ways behind the cleaning up of the existing pollution.

Between these two themes, there are infinite degrees of cross-pollination, which you are also free to explore in your designs. For those who are interested in a more comprehensive strategy, there is also the possibility of dealing with the whole plastic pollution route: from source (river) to destination (ocean).

The competition brief is designed to describe the context and lay down some key questions within which you can operate and, by doing so, act as a kick-starter for more questions and concepts to flourish through your designs. Ultimately, it is up to you individually to define what the scope of the challenge is and what the outcome of this competition will be. Is it a structure, a series of structures, a product, a vehicle, an idea, a new place, a strategy or a combination of things?

You decide.


Interested in launching a competition with Eleven? Find out more.

Want to find out a little more about Eleven? Find out more.


Awards are per team and are as follows:

In addition, all awarded entries will be given a free voucher to enter one of Eleven’s future competitions (one voucher per team).


  • 11 September 2018: Registration Opens. Early Bird discounted fee applies.
  • 9 October: Early Bird discounted fee ends. Standard Registration fee applies.
  • 28 December: Standard Registration fee ends. Late fee applies.
  • 11 January 2019 @ 11AM (UK Time): Competition closes. All entries are due for submission!
  • 16 January: Public voting opens online for People’s Choice Award.
  • 10 March @ 11AM (UK Time): Public voting closes online for People’s Choice Award.
  • 11 March: Winners and awarded entries are announced. Time to celebrate!


  • Early Bird: £60 per team
  • Standard: £90 per team
  • Late Bloomer: £120 per team
  • Student Discount: We offer a 10% discount to students. Please email us today to find out more.


Open to students and/or professionals competing as individuals or as teams of up to four people.


Two landscape A1 digital sheets and 500 words explanatory text per team. Physical models and/or videos are optional but welcomed. Projects to be submitted online by the 11th January 2019 by 11AM (UK Time).


This page represents a synopsis of the competition scope. A full competition brief will be provided in PDF format after registration.
Total Prize: £ 2,000