Type Directors Club has announced its call for entries for the 65th Annual Communications Design and the 22nd Typeface Design Competitions, a celebration of the world’s best typography.

You are welcome to enter original professional work designed in 2018 or unpublished student work designed for a class assignment in 2018. Students are also welcome to enter either personal or paid work (work NOT created for a class assignment) into the Professional category.

Any new typeface designs produced or published between January 1 and December 31, 2018 are eligible. Typeface designs may be submitted by anyone involved in their design, production, or marketing. Extended or revised versions of older, previously published type designs are not eligible. This includes upgraded typefaces with newly expanded glyph sets in the original script.

Type Directors Club appoints new chairs to oversee each of these competitions each year.

Communications Design competition: For this coming year, the chair is Bobby C. Martin Jr. The Communications Design judges are Karin Fong, Leo Jung, Eddie Opara, Paulina Reyes, Ian Spalter, Annik Troxler, and Zipeng Zhu.

Typeface Design competition: Nina Stössinger will chair this year’s typeface competition. The Typeface Design judges are Nicole Dotin, Tobias Frere-Jones, Erin McLaughlin, and Kristyan Sarkis.

An Early Bird discount on entries is available through October 19, but regular entries are accepted until December 7. After that, we will accept late entries (at higher fees) until January 11, 2019.


Open to anyone worldwide.


An international jury of type designers, graphic designers, art directors, and illustrators will select the winning entries, which will be shown in a travelling exhibition that will tour to over 40 cities throughout the world and published in the Type Directors Club Annual.

Typeface Design Categories

  • Single Typeface
  • Type Family
  • Type Superfamily
  • Text
  • Display
  • Type System
  • Pi or Ornament
  • Original Design
  • Custom Design
  • Revival
  • Latin
  • Global (Non-Latin)

Enter unpublished student work designed for a class assignment in 2018

All student entries are entered in the student category and will be judged by the Typeface Design judges, side-by-side with the professional entries.

In addition to being included as winners in the TDC competition’s world-traveling show, the TDC’s website, and The World’s Best Typography annual publication, judges will select a Student First Prize. This top honor comes with a cash prize of $1000 (US).

Please note: Students are welcome to enter either personal or paid work (work NOT created for a class assignment) into the professional category of the Communication Design Competition or the 22nd Annual Typeface Design Competition.

Please see the corresponding RULES section for a complete list of competition guidelines.


More: type-competition.tdc.org


Total Prize: $1000