Features the design of a clutch bag designed for the women ! 👛
The clutch bags will be taken by Sartoria Sanvittore, a project of the Alice non-profit social cooperative that involves women in custody, and will be available for a Sowed Christmas fundraising.
What are you waiting for, Designer , gather together!
The competition is aimed at #fashiondesigners of all ages and nationalities.
We ask to realize the design of a beauty clutch bag designed for the bride and not only. That it is #ecosustainable, light, capacious and not bulky. In linen, hemp and cotton fabric, with a simple closure. Possibly involving the theme of the “Women Respect”.
send the sketch with the description of your creative idea to info@sowed.org, indicating the size specifications and accessories, the application form filled out in its entirety and image of the clutch (specific formats are not chosen)
Check out the complete rules at: http://bit.ly/2LLReGY 📥
✅1. Present your creative idea
✅2. Complete the application form
✅3. Send the project and the form to info@sowed.com
Enza Deadline Competition: 22 July 2019
Vincitore Winner proclamation: 25 July 2019
The # winner of the #contest will see its design as the protagonist of a video disseminated through the social and offline channels of #SOWED  and will have a supply of fabrics 100% Made in Italy to create its own collection by Manifatture Tessili Prete, a leading company in the production of linen, hemp, cotton and blends for various brands of clothing and linen for the home. The company will also supply textiles, 100% natural yarns, to produce the clutch bags, which will be made by Sartoria Sanvittore, a project of the Alice non-profit social cooperative, inside the laboratories at the Penitentiary Institutes of San Vittore and Bollate, dove women are detainees, who through their work try to reintegrate into society, persecute ethics and legality.
The initiative has reached the partnership of Road to Green, which will make its opinion about the ethics and sustainability of the projects made.
Founder and President Sowed Onlus: Veronica Bello
Press Office: Barbara Molinario – DBG Management & Consulting srl
22 Jul, 19
Contest Website: