The contest is international and open to all forms of commissioned, published, unpublished and personal work from professionals and enthusiasts created between January 2018 and January 2019 (but not entries that have been submitted into last year’s competition). Only digital entries are accepted for this competition.

Community Awards categories are only open to work done by and for Canadians.

Young Blood categories are only open to work produced by entrants who have been out of school up to three years.


For the full list of Photography categories, download our  Applied Arts Category Kit.


Can I enter a piece in multiple categories? Yes. In your account on the My Entries home page, click “Copy” on any entry you have created. Or, after you’ve finished an entry, click “Submit in another category.” A duplicate entry will be created with all the same information. Be sure to change the discipline and entry category to the new one you want to apply to.

Which category does my entry belong in? Often the best way to understand a category is to see previous work that won in that category. Check our Winner’s Gallery for examples. If you still have questions regarding our categories or require assistance in selecting the appropriate category, contact awards@appliedartsmag.com.

Is my entry a single or a series? A single means one piece, and series means you are submitting more than one piece of the same project to a maximum of three. If an entry contains more than the specified images, we will either contact you to split the submission into multiple entries, or choose which ones will be judged, so it’s best to stick to the indicated numbers for single and series.

What is the Young Blood category? Young Blood is a series of categories open only to entrants who have been out of school for a certain number of years or less (three for Photography and Photography, and five for Design and Advertising). As with all categories, they are judged on creative excellence, technical merit and suitability for end use, but the jury takes into account the level of professional experience. You will be required to specify the name of the Young Blood entrant to qualify.

What is the Community category? The Community Awards was our newest Awards program, launched in 2017, to help Canadian artists and studios working on smaller, local clients get the recognition they deserve without competing directly with big-budget projects and agencies/studios. This year, Community Awards categories have been rolled into each of the Awards Entries in these categories may not be entered in any other non-Community category.


All creative descriptions and credits should be entered at the time of submission, as we only allow for a very short window of time to edit or add these once winners are notified.

We will reproduce these credits in the magazine and in our online Winner’s Gallery alongside your winning image(s). Credits are reproduced in the order that you specify. Review your credits and their sort order carefully! Only the first 6 credits will appear in print, whereas all of your credits will appear online. A sample credit entry is in the entry form on the My Entries page.

After the time of payment, credits will not be changed so please carefully review titles, spellings and contact information.


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