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Architecture Contests

Architecture Contests


In architectural contests, it is expected from the contestants to design structures, places, objects, sometimes even plants or trees on the roads in daily life based on a certain rule or beauty, or in terms of functionality. In line with the rules set by the institutions, architects and many people from different professions can participate in architectural contests.

When it comes to architectural contests, when a furniture or a building project designs are requested, it is also expected to design the layout of trees, structure and shape of the trees on the sidewalks in the streets. There is a wide range of architectural contests. Building design is more subjective comparing to these.

The key factors in architectural contests are Technical Functionality and Ergonomic Functionality. Even though the jury’s attention is drawn with the original designs made in the first stage, all functions should be done correctly in the second stage. Ergonomic and technically binding criteria on one side, design on the other side. It’s hard to put them together, but of course it’s possible.

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Architectural contests are important opportunities for designers in terms of their career and improvement.


Brands can sometimes organize architecturalcontests to see different perspectives, and other times to make profit commercially.

Some institutions can organize architecturalcontests only in order to improve the art of architecturalor to raise awareness on social responsibility topics.


Architecturalcontests may be organized by several kinds of organizations like brands, companies, associations, educational institutions etc. Architecturalcontests can be held open to professionals, students or public.


Architectural contests often have awards for winners. Awards may be moral (scholarship, certificate) or material. The owners of the awards can sometimes be determined by the jury assigned by the contest owner and sometimes by voting.