1. Contestants may be design students, graphic designers, plastic artists, photographers and graphic producers in general, of any age and nationality, having posters printed between April 2017 and March 2019, except for those submitting as Category D and E that must be unpublished.
    2. Each contestant can submit up to ten (10) posters including series and categories A,B,C & D. Category D which doesn’t accept series. Category E will accept up to two (2) animated GIF, per designer. The maximum limit per designer or studio is up to ten (10) posters and 2 GIFs.
    3. Design technique is free. Format for categories A,B & C may not be less than 50 x 70 cm. In Category D format must be 70 x 100 cm. VERTICAL. In Category E for animated poster format must be 1000 x 1380 pixeles (vertical) and should last 15 seconds.
    4. Posters submited may participate in the following categories:

    Published works
    Category A Cultural posters
    Category B Social posters
    Category C Advertising or commercial posters
    Unpublished works.
    Category D Unpublished posters on the topic: THE ERA OF DISINFORMATION
    Category E Unpublished animated GIF on the topic: WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT

    Category D & E we will only accept originals & unpublished, not previously printed or digitally published posters (including social networks, blogs, websites or other contests).



    • The designer must provide a valid and active email for future communications.
    • Multiple submissions with different emails are not accepted. In that case we will considered for pre-selection only the first 10 posters.
    • Series are not considered as one poster.
    • Double check your formats and resolution before submitting your work to avoid problems and system rejection.


    • Go to www.bicebebolivia.com/poster-submission
    • Fill all required information in english or spanish ONLY.
    • In categories A, B, C & D upload your files at 60 cms. tall for vertical width for horizontal, JPG, 8 compression, RGB format at 300 dpi. Each poster must not weigh more than 10 MB.
    • For Category E, submit your animated GIF at 1000 x 1380 pixels (vertical) 15 seconds long and 10 MB of maximun weight.
    • Accept all Rules & Conditions and click send (Point 4).

    If you submitted everything correctly you will receive a confirmation email within the next 48 hoursPlease send files only once to avoid a null participation.


    (23:59 pm -04:00GMT)

    1. Posters will be evaluated and selected by a Selection Committee formed by distinguished designers, artists, illustrator and curators designated by the BICeBé.
    2. The oficial announcement of selected posters will be on MONDAY APRIL 22th, 2019 in our website and social networks.

    1. In case of being selected, the designer or studio AGREES —accepting all Rules & Conditions— to send TWO PRINTED POSTERS of each selected poster or choose local printing and transfer US$50 per poster via WESTERN UNION. Not complying with this term would mean automatic elimination from the final jury.
    2. Each selected poster include the Entry Form, that will be emailed to you with our postal address. This form must be printed, filled and attached without damaging the poster. The form must be filled in English or Spanish only.
    3. For those who decide to send their printed posters, consider a tube resistant poster package with protection in order to preserve your work. Not mistreated or folded poster will be accepted. If the poster arrives damaged, the designer will be notified to make the local printing as mentioned at point 4.1.
    4. Selected designer should be pending of BICeBé email communications and send their printed posters or make an effective money transfer within a maximum period of 35 days after the selection announcement.
    5. Submission of printed posters must be made only by public mail services and EMSBICeBé will NOT accept or pay additional costs and taxes of shipments made throughout private companies (DHL, UPS, FEDEX, etc.). The shipment must be sent with NO COMMERCIAL VALUE/SIN VALOR COMERCIAL declared and shall bear the phrase.

    1. The responsible organizer is authorized to reproduce the posters submitted to the contest, in catalogs, exhibitions, promotional editions, electronic media, as well as promotional events of the Biennale whose purposes will be non-profit, respecting the credit of the autors.
    2. All posters will become part of the acquis of the BICeBé®.
    3. The organizers reserve the right to refuse the participation of posters that are considered offensive to morality or culture of any country and that of those who do not comply with the requirements of this solicitation.

    1. The jury will be composed by a panel of prestigious national and international guest designers who will determine the winners, during the week of activities of BICeBé 2019.

    1. The winners will be announced during the main ceremony on Wednesday, November 20th, 2019.

    1. BICeBé will provide a diploma and a catalogue to the first, second and third awarded positions in all categories.
    2. Special awards:

    Category A First Place. Huari Award $us 4.000.-
    Category B First Place. Fundación Viva Award $us 2.000.-
    Category C Primer Lugar. Fundación Solydes Award $us 2.000.-
    Categoría D First Place. Award $us 5.000.-

    Fundación Viva Award to the Best Bolivian Poster of all categories $us 1000.-
    Award to the Best Bolivian Poster in Category D $us 1000.-

    The winner must assume the corresponding taxes in his country, if necessary.

Category D: Unpublished poster

Technology and social networks have modified our access to information. Day by day we take part of the exchange of information on the reality of the world and our immediate surroundings. Somehow we feel powerful, and it seems we have no time for formal media. That headline in bold and blunt letters seems to be telling us everything we need to know about an event. The photo that shows that public figure in a compromising action is a true irrefutable fact, because it has been share more than a thousand times. However, can we carelessly believe in all the pieces of information to which we are exposed? How can we rightly discern truth, verified information, precise data, and unedited images?

We have played down the importance of distinguishing between known and unknown, in other words, verifying facts and information objectively. Saving time is everything, and a fast finger tap on our mobiles is more convenient. Reading thoughtfully, considering the sources, and deepening our knowledge are not priorities. The information we thoughtlessly get and share, does not have to be a complete falsehood, but it is enough for it to be somewhat credible and compatible with our feelings. As most mainstream communities operate under this logic, we are all accomplices of sharing unverified information almost immediately and we become targets of major advertising strategies and, which is more dangerous, political schemes.

There are no “alternative facts,” but just facts, and there is truth. Sadly, the use of these modern euphemisms does not seem to frighten or bother us anymore.

Fernando Trías de Bes(*) classifies these new so-called “realities” into four categories. The first one is technology, this has led us to live and experience parallel, real, and fictitious worlds all together in a mix. The second is speed, which means we do not care to verify if something is true, as we are only interested in seeing content grow and evolve. The third consists in a loss of confidence in the formal media that we use to trust to obtain information in the past. Finally, the fourth new reality is a desire to confirm the beliefs and feelings by ourselves, this means that we seek and accept only what we think and feel.
Immediacy is our delight. Information is disseminated, as rumor does, thus generating new public opinions. We are free, independent, and we cherish our ability to access information, but we can distinguish which content is false, true, or paid?

Education and methodological research —scientific method — applied to test the reality of facts, provide the only alternatives to move forward and break free from misinformation and being subjects of manipulation. We must look for reliable sources of information to build a conscious, analytical and less influenced society.


More: bicebebolivia.com
Total Prize: $15.000