The POD Challenge

Design, for us, has always been a balance between the tangible and intangible aspects of life.Be it art, music, literature, architecture or cinema. There are some visuals that change our life in the most mysterious ways, Visuals of Uma Thurman and John Travolta's dance in Pulp fiction, the sheer size of the star destroyers in star wars. The gigantic scale of Chandigarh's Corbusien buildings and the humility of Sangath by BV Doshi, The bass in the dhrupad by Gundecha brothers VS the bass in Nucleya's compositions. What are your fondest memories from your initial years of design that aroused curiosity in you to “CREATE” It could be a book, poetry, a movie, a painting, a melody, some personality or your own experiences. But in a visual Pick any of our pieces study them, understand the form and proportions, blow them up, turn them over, make them fly in the sky, make collages, create an abstract version of them, or even deconstruct them and recreate our pieces in a creative and unique setting. Recreate iconic movie scenes with our pieces. Like Ron and Hermoine flying on our pieces, Rafiki lifting baby Simba in our crib . OR IT could be A space-ship from StarWars. Translate one of your memories at your favourite spots in the city using our pieces.

“Still & Motion — Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2020” Call for Entry

“Still & Motion — Hong Kong International Poster Triennial 2020” Call for Entry   The international poster design competition is now open for submissions! Designers and creative minds from all over the world are invited to submit entries. No entry fee is required.   Since its debut in 2001, now in its seventh edition, the Hong Kong International Poster Triennial (HKIPT) is a major event of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and Hong Kong Designers Association. Through competition, exhibition and symposium, the event aims at establishing Hong Kong as a world city in the arena of collecting and promoting poster design, assembling a distinct international poster collection and fostering graphic design education and culture exchange with other countries and regions.   This year's activity has “Still & Motion” as its theme. The international poster design competition will be organised under four categories:   A. Ideology – concerning universal themes, human civilisation, social, political and environmental issues. B. Promotion of Cultural Events – promoting culture, art, theatre, music, education and sport ventures. C. Commercial and Advertising – promoting commodities and businesses. D. Animated Poster – using digital motion design elements to interpret contexts in multiple perspectives.   The competition is open to designers and young design talents from all countries and regions. In addition to printed posters, the competition welcomes the submission of animated posters to record poster development.   Each category will have Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards, and the judges will each select one outstanding entry from all entries to be presented with the Judges Awards, to be named after the respective judges. All award winners will receive trophies. All selected entries will be published in the exhibition catalogue and be featured in the exhibition to be held in 2021 tentatively at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.   Submission Period: 31 March - 30 September 2020 Competition Details: Enquiry:

Rio Mare Packaging Award

Desall and Bolton Food invite you to design a new packaging for a line of ready meals by Rio Mare. Participation is free of charge and open to creatives of any age or nationality. Deadline for submissions: March 18th, 2019 Official award page: Award: €3000   BOLTON FOOD Bolton Food is the Bolton Group company that produces and markets canned fish under the Rio Mare, Palmera and Saupiquet brands. We are an Italian success case history and European leader in the canned tuna market. Our mission is to be the leader in sustainable and high quality production of shelf stable canned fished products, thought to make consumers’ life easier and healthier. With this in mind, since 50 years, we produce canned tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerels sold in more than 45 countries worldwide. DESALL is an open innovation platform dedicated to design and innovation, that offers to companies a participatory design tool involving in the creative process an international community coming from all over the world. To date Desall gathers more than 100000 creatives from over 210 countries and has collaborated with international brands like Luxottica, Whirlpool, Electrolux, ALESSI, Enel, Leroy Merlin, KINDER, Barilla, illy, Chicco, Mondadori and many more. Thanks for the contamination of different cultural backgrounds and creative industries, the Desall community is able to provide high-quality project solutions for every product development phase requested by the client, from concept to product design, from naming to packaging.   More: "ap_author_url"   Total Prize: $3,000

Young Bird Plan Mascot International Design Competition’ 19

It is more out of imagination if the Kumanoto Prefecture without Kumamon, compared with a sushi restaurant without tunaand green mustard. ——《ラオスにいったい何があるというんですか》by Murakami Haruki Young Bird Plan, an international competition platform, it has been five years since its establishment. This time, Young Bird Plan launches its own competition globally, and thousands of creative minds will have the unique opportunity to create the mascot image of Young Bird Plan. Mascot’s Mission:He/She is a cultural brand medium, expressing directly and simply the brand spirit. With the mission of promoting brand concept and creating every opportunity for global designer, he/she will push the connection among design and other fields in order to inspiring deep thoughts on design value. Meanwhile, he/she will emotionally establish relationship between the brand and its audience and also lead the fashion trend.He/she will represent and speak for Young Bird Plan. INTRODUCTION: Young Bird is not about YOUNG!Actually, Young Bird does not means young designers. It is an expression of brand culture. Just imagine, a young bird may be an original city, an undeveloped field but with infinite potential, a new industry once ignored but now generates huge efficiency, a progressing technology under dispute and of course it may also be an ambitious young designer and even an unbuilt project but can inspire people a lot. So Young Bird means the future. Young Bird Plan is GROWING!Over the past five years, Young Bird Plan launched 12 international design competitions cooperated with local governments, well-known developers and international brands. By the end of 2018, the platform attracts global participants from 879 universities and 3388 institutes in 217 cities of 54 countries. Young Bird Plan MascotWhat is Young Bird Plan mascot like? It will depend on you! BRIEF: Based on the spirit of Young Bird Plan, 3D personage image design and graphic application creation shall be designed with bird elements. Character image is resilient and extensible without limitation of gender; About mascot design, including: a.    No limitation on creation categories and skills, including but not limit to graphic image, illustration, cartoon, 3Dmax, etc. b.    The entrant shall complete 3D mascot archetypal image three-view drawing, including front, side, back. c.     Captions are needed to match with work, including basic information of image name, gender, etc., design concept or design description, enclosed with story narration which is related to your experience of attending competition or story that happens in your work or study or design career, 100-300 words. Graphic application creation includes: [...]

Swiss Original Handmade Creative Project (Awards Eur 36,000)

For centuries, the Swiss tradition of Emmentaler AOP cheese production has focused on the art of cheesemaking, on artisan skills and on HAND MADE expertise, all underpinned by a caring attitude towards nature, time, materials, know-how and the vital energy of the environment we live in. In order to be able to continue to read, refresh and interpret its own values in an innovative, contemporary and disruptive way, from the outset Emmentaler Switzerland has always been very keen and interested in engaging, supporting and promoting the world of art, talent and creativity for all. As was the case in past competitions, exhibitions and communication initiatives, Emmentaler Switzerland is launching a new open creative competition for the collection, valorisation and exhibition of a broad selection of works and thematic artworks. THE SWISS ORIGINAL As part of the new globalisation of recent decades, we have learned to appreciate not only certain values and products shared by many civilisations, but also values and products expressly linked to the geographical, historical and cultural origins of specific local areas. This competition aims to collect, valorise and exhibit artworks that tell stories of Swiss originality. Originality intended in terms of both methods and content that are more specifically and quintessentially “Swiss”, as well as those that are more ironic, interpretative and disruptive. For all information: CONTEST TIMELINE Upload phase: 29th April 2019 – 5th September 2019 Community Vote: 5th September 2019 – 19th September 2019 (1.59 PM UTC) Jury Vote: from 5th September 2019 Winner announcement: during the Exhibition-Event, in November 2019 AWARDS The total award pool amounts to €36,000.00, split into 6 awards and 6 special mentions. Entering the competition is free and open to everyone over the age of 18 on the date of registration, without any limit of nationality, profession, education, expertise or other form of restriction, except for being 18 at the time of participating in the contest. Contest under the patronage of Brera - Accademia di Belle Arti and with the support of Cumulus Association EXHIBITION - EVENT In the first half of November 2019, a major Exhibition-Event will be organised in Milan featuring the winning projects, the projects that receive mentions and a broad selection of those deemed to be of high quality and pertinent in consideration of the general objectives of the competition. PANEL OF JUDGES Andrea Amichetti, Zero - Founder Stefano Aronica, Consortium Emmentaler AOP Giovanna Frova, [...]

2019 Simorgh “Culture Of Health“ Visual Art Poster Festival – INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION

Our 2019 Call for Entries is due open on 20th March, 2019.   Dates Open Call: 20th March 2019 Deadline: 15th June 2019 CATEGORIES Visual Art Poster/ Graphic design ELIGIBILITY 3.1 All contestants must be either an undergraduate or a 6-month graduate of any field and nationality after 2014. Contestants are required to submit their student ID cards or a graduation verification which should be for the past 6 months. 4. MAIN THEMES The theme of the festival is the maintenance and improvement of physical, mental, social and spiritual health including but not limited to: Emphasis on health education, information and culture promotion Studying the consequences of social damages and their effects on individual health Healthy lifestyle and learning life skills and self-care Mental health, promoting vitality, happiness and dynamism and avoidance of stressful behaviors and environments Rehabilitation of chronic diseases or disabilities Happy and hopeful life Mental health and its significant effect on the increase of the quality of life Attention to fatal diseases and suggesting approaches for the prevention and treatment Culture-building in the area of organ transplantation, blood donation, AIDS and diseases caused by high-risk behaviors Focusing on digital health technologies Peace and the world free from violence SUBMISSIONS Please send your poster file (PDF or JPEGs) to below email address:


Ideas Vision's Alternative Vision is an international design competition encouraging  experimentation and create an alternative vision for the future. Highlighting the most suitable solution to a design problem and encourage engagement with a topic set by the competition design brief. Alternative Vision Design The winner (s) of this particular prize will be awarded the “Alternative Vision” Prize for the presenting an alternative design vision of the world for the future.   THE CHALLENGE The Competition challenges participants to present a design solution for the problem of single use plastics focusing on plastic bottles and sandwich packaging. The brief is to design an alternative water bottle and sandwich packaging solution for visitors to  a London Zoo. The proposed solution should solve the problem of plastic use and provide an aesthetically pleasing and hygienic design solution that engages visitors with the issue of plastic pollution. THE CURRENT ISSUE WITH PLASTICS Plastic which is very durable and versatile is petroleum-based product made from oil and natural gas. Designed to last forever, means it is not a suitable material for quick disposable packaging as it does not degrade easily. And when it does breakdown, the result is the release of harmful chemicals into our environment. Annual level of plastic bottles is set to top half a trillion by 2021. This will affect and further jeopardising oceans, coastlines and other environments. A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute, equivalent to approximately 20,000 bottles every second driven by an apparently high desire for bottled water. With fewer bottles collected for recycling and just 7% of those turned into new bottles, most instead end up in landfill or in the ocean, it has become a major issue affecting our environment. Over 10m tonnes of plastic is estimated to leaks into the world’s oceans. Plastic contamination is now found widely from tap water to sea salt.  We could reduce this problem by recycling all plastics and reducing production but this is not practical. Another solution could be use of bio-based or certified compostable plastics over petroleum-based plastic material. REGISTRATION SCHEDULE • EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION - 20 June 2019 until 25 June 2019 • STANDARD REGISTRATION - 26 June 2019 until 01 August 2019 • LATE REGISTRATION - 02 August 2019 until 05 September 2019 • RESULT ANNOUNCEMENT 26 September 2019

Ecuador Poster Bienal® 2020

The Ecuador Poster Bienal® is a professional international competition and event focused on social, cultural and academic values. Every two years the Ecuador Poster Bienal® celebrates the most creative in the world works. An international jury of design icons, performs an arduous process that selects the best works that represent the values ​​of a constantly evolving industry. As part of the day Ecuador Poster Bienal®, an International Visual Communication Congress composed of a series of exhibitions, lectures and workshops presented. The Ecuador Poster Bienal® working hard to pay tribute to outstanding professionals in the design industry and for new generations of creative can showcase their talents to a global audience and direct your career to the professional field. CALL FOR POSTERS Category A: Advertising Posters Category B: Social, Political and Cultural posters Category C: Posters by Students Category D: Animated Posters Category E: Visit Ecuador JURY Pingbo Chen / China Mario Fuentes / Ecuador Alain Le Quernec / France Pekka Loiri / Finland Erendida Mancilla / Mexico Stefan Sagmeister / USA Ahn Sang-soo / South Korea Teresa Sdralevich / Belgium Sofía Sozapato / Ecuador Annik Troxler / Switzerland Niklaus Troxler / Switzerland Natalia Volpe / Argentina

SZIDF 2019 Gadget Design Award

Also this year, SIDA, the Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association, and, invite you all to design the official gadget/souvenir for all the attendees of the Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair 2019. SIDA and Desall invite you all to design the official for all the participants of the 7th edition of the Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair (SZIDF) taking place on November 03rd-05th 2019. The gadget/souvenir shall be a NON-technological product. The winner will be selected by a jury consisting of high-level representatives of SIDA and Desall. The official award ceremony will be held in Shenzhen on the night of Nov 3rd 2019. The winner will be given the opportunity to showcase her/his own works at the fair with a free stand and all travel and accommodation expenses covered by the organisation, including other services. All projects will be evaluated by a jury consisting of high-level representatives of SIDA and Desall according to several criteria as specified in detail in the brief. Participation is free of charge and open to any age or nationality. Deadline for submissions: September 30th, 2019 Official award page: SIDA Shenzhen Industrial Design Profession Association (SIDA) is a non-profit organization founded in 2008, the first Chinese association joining World Design Organization (WDO). Till March 2018, SIDA has taken in 851 members from Shenzhen and across the country, and has built the Shenzhen Institute for Innovation Design, the Sino-Finnish Design Park, the Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab (SZOIL), the Hebei Industrial Design Innovation Center (HIDC), an industrial internet design platform and first the industrial design IPR station in China. As the largest industrial design in Asia, Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair (SZIDF) ( has been held for 6 years in a row. DESALL is an open innovation platform dedicated to design and innovation, that offers to companies a participatory design tool involving in the creative process an international community coming from all over the world. To date Desall gathers more than 100000 creatives from over 210 countries and has collaborated with international brands like Luxottica, Whirlpool, Electrolux, ALESSI, Enel, Leroy Merlin, KINDER, Barilla, illy, Chicco, Mondadori and many more. Thanks for the contamination of different cultural backgrounds and creative industries, the Desall community is able to provide high-quality project solutions for every product development phase requested by the client, from concept to product design, from naming to packaging.

LDD-Award 19

LDD - Award 19 is promoted and organized by artecasalugano – LDD (Lugano Design District), the innovative Living Expo. The competition recognizes the particular skills of all design disciplines: design for living, design for work, design of technological systems and product design. LDD – Award19 is an international contest, which aims to host every designer willing to show his/her work to a Jury selected on an international basis as well as to the public. In fact, the objects are going to be exhibited for the whole length of the event (October 11th- October 20th 2019). The award consists of a 5.000 Swiss Francs reward assigned to the best product designer as stated by the Jury.