12.03.18 full brief released

02.04.19 final submission

Two $2,500 prizes – 1 winning student team, 1 winning professional team

A competition to explore innovative interventions of underutilized spaces.

The Corridor Reuse Design Challenge is a competition to explore innovative interventions and design responses to one of the most typical and overlooked elements in large civic buildings — the corridor. Intended to serve as egress for large flows of people during concentrated periods of time (can you hear the school bell now?), corridors take up a large portion of a building’s footprint yet oftentime are forgotten.

The challenge invites creative thinkers to imagine the future life of school buildings and civic buildings that have outlived their original use. Adaptive building reuse is critical to the future development of communities and serves as an opportunity for new ideas and uses.

The competition will be grounded in Bok, a repurposed vocational school in South Philadelphia where classrooms have been converted into creative maker’s spaces, small offices, and studios, but the massive 14’ wide corridors remain unchanged. These spaces are the core of the building and have great potential to enhance community, connectivity, productivity, and interaction. We are challenging designers to reimagine the use of underutilized corridors – the ‘streets’ of a buildings.

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Total Prize: $5,000