$30 for up to three images—perfect for single entries—each additional image will be $10. For $45 you can enter up to six images, either single or series entries.

For students, post graduates and recent graduates: $15 for up to three images, $45 for up to nine images.


Open to all art directors, designers, illustrators, photographers and fine artists in all countries. Categories: advertising, graphic design, photography, illustration and fine art. Professional and student entries are judged separately.


Quarterly winners will be featured in print and our online gallery, receive a free publication and have a choice to receive a printed certificate. Honorable Mentions will be displayed online. Quarterly winners will become finalists in our year-end 100 Best Annual.

Creative Quarterly (CQ) magazine opens its 54th international juried competition and both professionals and students are invited to participate.

CQ is seeking for the best art, advertising, design, illustration and photography done in the past six months.

Winners will be featured in print and CQ’s online gallery and also have a choice to receive a printed certificate. Honorable Mentions will be displayed online.

In addition, winners will become finalists for the CQ year-end 100 Best judging where the top one-hundred entries from 2018 are selected.

The 100 Best winners will be exhibited in a New York City gallery, with an artist reception. CQ’s 100 Best Annual will be distributed worldwide.

Winners will be promoted online and in print and the work will be displayed on an online gallery.

The 53rd Creative Quarterly juried exhibition competition includes the following five (5) categories:

  • Advertising (AD)
  • Fine Arts (FA)
  • Graphic Design (GD)
  • Illustration (IL)
  • Photography (PH)

Commissioned and personal works by all art directors, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and fine artists in all countries, can be submitted.

Creative Quarterly magazine was founded in 2005 and has received numerous international awards and recognition for its design.

Creative Quarterly (CQ) 54th International Juried Competition – Entry Fees

Single entries (with up to three images) start at $30 per entry for professional work and $15 per entry for work done by Students.


Notification of Selection

Winners will be notified by email and listed online after judging is completed. Judging takes six to eight weeks. All entrants will receive an email announcing the winners.

Winners will appear in Creative Quarterly as well as in our online Gallery. All winners receive a certificate of excellence.  Runners-up will be featured only in the online Gallery.

100 Best Honors

At the end of the year, all winning entries for 2018 will be judged by an outside honorary judging panel. Our instructions to the judges will be to select the top twenty-five entries from each category (graphic design, illustration, photography and fine art) bringing our grand total to the top 100 entries of 2018. We will then prepare our 100 Best Annual which will be distributed on leading newsstands worldwide in early 2019. Winners will receive a discount on the annual as well as a certificate of distinction. View our recent annuals

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