The Ecuador Poster Bienal® is a professional international competition and event focused on social, cultural and academic values.

Every two years the Ecuador Poster Bienal® celebrates the most creative in the world works. An international jury of design icons, performs an arduous process that selects the best works that represent the values ​​of a constantly evolving industry. As part of the day Ecuador Poster Bienal®, an International Visual Communication Congress composed of a series of exhibitions, lectures and workshops presented.

The Ecuador Poster Bienal® working hard to pay tribute to outstanding professionals in the design industry and for new generations of creative can showcase their talents to a global audience and direct your career to the professional field.


Category A:
Advertising Posters

Category B:
Social, Political and Cultural posters

Category C:
Posters by Students

Category D:
Animated Posters

Category E:
Visit Ecuador


Pingbo Chen / China
Mario Fuentes / Ecuador
Alain Le Quernec / France
Pekka Loiri / Finland
Erendida Mancilla / Mexico
Stefan Sagmeister / USA
Ahn Sang-soo / South Korea
Teresa Sdralevich / Belgium
Sofía Sozapato / Ecuador
Annik Troxler / Switzerland
Niklaus Troxler / Switzerland
Natalia Volpe / Argentina

Total Prize:
Gold, Silver, Bronze and Honorable Mentions will be awarded in each category (A, B, C, D and E).