In a world busy with resolving its immediate demands and needs, the ability to think futuristically is to move to alternatives. This architectural competition is an opportunity to think big using existing knowledge we have about architecture and its forms. The competition is driven by both a passion to architecture and a passion to Egypt; a stronger and more present Egypt on the architectural international scene. It is also about making a space for Egypt in the future, using innovative ideas of its citizens and experts. We move to new patterns to shape and develop on an extraterrestrial habitation, the planet Mars. We aim to inspire the future generation of architects through developing creative solutions to challenge existing problems and going further to develop ideas for the future.

Advanced research requires both innovative planning as well as creative thinking of the world around us. In this competition, it is also about the planets that surrounds us; depending on imagination and visionary mindsets.

The idea of this competition has been initiated, sponsored and will be driven by Dr. Ashraf Abdel Mohsen, a staff member dedicated to the department and a prominent contemporary Egyptian architect who has undertaken important national and international projects through his firm, Cube consultants.


Mars has exerted a strong fascination over humankind for centuries. People inhabiting the Red Planet might still exist in the realms of science fiction. But today, the human race is edging closer to becoming an interplanetary species as the previous decade has witnessed Mars as the center of attention for becoming a potential new habitat for the earth’s future population.

With many visionary organizations and their ground-breaking explorative studies and research, the unseen future of inhabiting the Red Planet is now a real possibility; an opportunity to create a utopian tomorrow, making mankind a multi-planetary species.

This competition is intended to envision a habitat for the first Egyptian colonizers on Mars. It challenges participants to design the future architectural prospect that would define a trend for the architecture of the upcoming human civilization on the Red Planet.

It is not enough to just travel to Mars and survive, it is essential to develop a way in which we can sustainably live on Mars. Figuring out how we could be comfortable living on the Red Planet is a challenge.

It’s about making Mars livable by completely transforming its environmental makeup through the construction of a human-made atmosphere to understand and solve one of the main problems for a fully breathable and livable Mars.


The objective of the competition is to propose a settlement complex including at least residential, research center, educational, services and medical units and choose one/all of them to design a detailed prototype according to the following table:

  • 20 Residential Units: 150 m2 per unit
  • Research Center: 150 m2
  • Educational Building: 150 m2
  • Daily Market: 150 m2
  • Medical Unit: 150 m2

Each competitor is required to select a “Building(s) as part of an Egyptian Settlement Complex on Mars”. The proposed design should reflect the Egyptian culture reviving the Ancient Egyptian glory in a way that fits the modern era.

Competitors should also consider the impact of the proposed design on the environment on Mars and outline the deployment and construction of their proposed building/s; accordingly, each competitor shall have a proper understanding of the conditions and challenges of designing a habitable complex for Egyptian Settlements on Mars.





Total Prize: $5,000