How Green are you REALLY?

To many, sustainability is little more than a trendy slogan or the latest marketing gimmick. To leaders in design, industry, manufacturing, and the corporate world, GREEN DESIGN adheres to strict guidelines in order to shape an international agenda and the international community’s attitude toward economic, social, and environmental development.

Both organizing institutions in Europe and America are inviting open submissions to honour design innovation and pioneering achievements in this 2019 Awards Program. Architects, designers, urban planners, governments, manufacturers, corporations, institutions, organizations, individuals, as well as individual products, buildings, concepts, projects, programmes, and technology are eligible for submission.

A professional jury in the field of sustainability will review submissions and examine their substance and pursuit of excellence and determine the 2019 GREEN GOOD DESIGN Awards accordingly. Awards are announced in Spring 2019 to the international press and public. Awarded individuals, corporations, institutions, products, projects, and programmes form a traveling exhibition in Europe and in the U.S. in 2019 and are published by The Chicago Athenaeum and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

We invite your application for this 2019 Awards Program. Nominations are also made by The European Centre’s International Advisory Committee.

Nominations / Submissions

Like the GOOD DESIGN Program of 1950, anything and everything is eligible for submission with the emphasis on the following that has successfully focused on the development and implementation of enabling instruments that support actual measures to achieve C02-reduction, energy conservation, renewable energy sources, recycling, sustainability, quality of life and environment, economic viability, and environmental economics and in particular:

• Architecture/Urban Planning/Landscape Architecture:
Skyscrapers, offices, homes, green buildings, green spaces, factories, reforestations, restorations and renovations that achieve sustainable living, working, and recreating environments.
• Product and Graphic Design:
Innovative Green Products that promote energy savings, recycling, and greater sustainability in all sectors of Industry from consumer goods, furniture, transportation, equipment, printing and packaging, construction materials to household and business products.
• Corporations:
Companies, developers, manufacturers, contractors, financial parties that have emblazoned the path and taken a leadership role toward renewable resources, energy management, recycling, and sustainability.
Nations, states, cities, and towns that have promoted energy-awareness, enacted legislation, actual programs, conservation, recycling, preservation, renovation, restoration and redevelopment of their urban, suburban, and rural environments.
• Institutions, Organizations, Universities, Media, NGOs:
Public and private entities that have pioneered new concepts, leadership programmes, public initiatives, public policy, and campaigns for social and economic well-being, the protection of the environment and its resources, restorative enterprises, public-awareness for an emission free environment, global sustainability, and socially cohesive neighborhoods and cities-from the garden to the planet- taking into account the environment’s impact for future generations.
 New Technology:
Next generation instruments and devices that determine and manage greater optimum energy standards, efficiency, sustainability, recycling, life-cycle and facility management.
• Programmes and Research:
Innovative and inspiring programmes based on “best practice” results.
Individuals who are leaders, pioneers, and innovators in GREEN DESIGN

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Closing date for entries for Green Good Design Awards 2019:
November 1st, 2018