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Industrial Design Contests

Industrial Design Contests


Industrial design is the appearance of a variety of elements or features that can be perceived by human senses such as line, color, shape, texture, material flexibility or embellishment of the whole or a part of a product.

Industrial design contests take into consideration both the consumer needs and demands and the manufacturer’s requirements; however, contests aims to design innovative products by considering criteria such as creativity, functionality, ergonomics, technical and aesthetic features, material selection, production techniques and cost, possible location of the product in the market. In industrial design contests, packaging design contests, furniture design contests, product design contests are common. Industrial design contests have a wide range from the most simple objects we encounter in daily life to complex objects made with the latest technology.

In the design process, both the manufacturer organization’s production possibilities, cost, market share, the target consumer, as well as the user’s cultural values, aesthetic appreciation, ease of use and security needs are significant factors. In industrial design contests, creative, unexpected unique products that address a problem are expected from designers. For example, you make a kitchen product. This product is expected to be very good in design, not only with its functionality, but also with its human relation and ergonomics.

The jury will go for a product that is good with its appearance, design, function and economic value.

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Industrial design contests are important opportunities for designers in terms of their career and improvement.


Brands can sometimes organize industrial design contests to see different perspectives, and other times to make profit commercially.

Some institutions can organize industrial design contests only in order to improve the art of industrial design or to raise awareness on social responsibility topics.


Industrial design contests may be organized by several kinds of organizations like brands, companies, associations, educational institutions etc. Industrial design contests can be held open to professionals, students or public.


Industrial design contests often have awards for winners. Awards may be moral (scholarship, certificate) or material. The owners of the awards can sometimes be determined by the jury assigned by the contest owner and sometimes by voting.