LA+ CREATURE explores how we can use design to open our cities, our landscapes, and our minds to a more symbiotic existence with other creatures. The brief asks entrants to choose a nonhuman client and design something—a place, a structure, a product, a process, a system—to improve its life and increase human–nonhuman empathy. Your creature can be any species, any size, and live anywhere.


The competition is open to all design disciplines and will be judged by an outstanding interdisciplinary jury panel comprising TIMOTHY MORTON (philosopher and author of “HyperObjects” and “Dark Ecology”), KATE ORFF (designer of NYC’s “Living Breakwaters” and founding principal, SCAPE), RICHARD WELLER (author of “The Atlas for the End of the World” and chair of landscape architecture, UPenn), JENNIFER WOLCH (coauthor of “Animal Geographies” and former dean of design, UC Berkeley), ANDREW GRANT (designer of Singapore’s iconic “Supertrees” and director of Grant Associates, UK), FARRE NIXON (emerging designer at Kounkey Design Initiative), and CHRIS REED (coauthor of “Projective Ecologies” and founding director, Stoss).

Total Prize:
US $10,000 total prize money • 5 winners to receive US$2,000, a certificate, and feature publication in LA+ Journal’s LA+ CREATURE issue. • 10 honorable mentions to receive a certificate and feature publication in LA+ Journal’s LA+ CREATURE issue.