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Photo Contests

Marvelous Awards

Marvelous Awards 2020 International Design Contest Marvelous Awards is an International Design Contest which offers fair opportunities to test designers and artisan their ideas, skills and professional expertise. It delivers choice and inspiration to the phenomenal designers highlighting their achievements. Eligibility [...]

DJ Memorial International Photography Competition

DJ Memorial International Photography Competition A curated extravaganza, of Exquisite Imagery and Creative Indulgence, a Juxtaposition of Insightful and Expressive photography.   The DJ Memorial International Photography Competition is open now. The competition starts on May 25th 2020 and ends [...]

Our World In Focus – 2019 ‘Perfect Moment’ Photo Contest

Our World In Focus is proud to present the 2019 'Perfect Moment' Photo Contest! Our inaugural 2019 ‘Perfect Moment’ photo contest is focused on showcasing the best images across all genres. The beauty of photography is that the ‘perfect moment’ has [...]

Swiss Original Handmade Creative Project (Awards Eur 36,000)

For centuries, the Swiss tradition of Emmentaler AOP cheese production has focused on the art of cheesemaking, on artisan skills and on HAND MADE expertise, all underpinned by a caring attitude towards nature, time, materials, know-how and the vital energy [...]

Photo Contests


In photo contests, besides the suitability to the theme given by the photographers, meaning, creativity, difference and aesthetic integrity are expected.

Photography is a kind of art of which we can make very deep meanings. What is photography? The best answer we can give for the question; is transforming the components that one sees into visual art by certain techniques through its own infrastructural support.

In photography contests, the aim is to support the work of photographers and to promote the art of photography.

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Photo contests are important opportunities for photographers in terms of their career and improvement.


Brands can sometimes organize photo contests to see different perspectives, and other times to make profit commercially.

Some institutions can organize photo contests only in order to improve the art of photo or to raise awareness on social responsibility topics.


Photo contests may be organized by several kinds of organizations like brands, companies, associations, educational institutions etc. Photo contests can be held open to professionals, students or public.


Photo contests often have awards for winners. Awards may be moral (scholarship, certificate) or material. The owners of the awards can sometimes be determined by the jury assigned by the contest owner and sometimes by voting.