This is a competition seeking new designs and stories that pioneer a new future and possibilities. Depending on what kind of bottle it’s in, even bottled water can have very different impression and experience. Plastic has the power to alter and even enhance the value of a product.
We invite designers from around the globe to submit their design and stories that change our daily lives, and break the norm.

What we are seeking

Design that leverages the material properties and characteristics of plastic containers

New and innovative use cases story of plastic containers

Must be consumer-centric, and a market moving proposal


Prospective applicants should be either:
– Professionals in the creative field, such as product designer, art director, and artists.
– Students aspiring to become designers and artists.

*Must be able to communicate in either Japanese or English.
*Individuals and groups submissions are welcome. No restrictions in age, gender, or nationality.
*Must be original work which is not already published.
*Multiple submissions per individual or group are welcome.


  • Grand Prize (1 Spot): ¥2,000,000
  • Achievement Awards (2 Spots): ¥500,000
  • Honorable Mentions (20 Spots): ¥100,000

*The winning designs may be prototyped and exhibited in trade shows.
*We reserve the right to withhold any award spots if no submission qualifies.


  • Keita Suzuki (Product Designer / PRODUCT DESIGN CENTER INC. CEO)
  • Yota Kakuda (Product Designer / Director YOTA KAKUDA DESIGN)
  • Keiko Hirano (Visioner / Designer / Executive Director of Communication Design Laboratory)
  • Kuniaki Hiromatsu (Director of Nissei ASB Machine Co., Ltd.)
Total Prize: $18,000