Design, for us, has always been a balance between the tangible and intangible aspects of life.Be it art, music, literature, architecture or cinema.

There are some visuals that change our life in the most
mysterious ways,

Visuals of Uma Thurman and John Travolta’s dance in Pulp fiction, the sheer size of the star destroyers in star wars.

The gigantic scale of Chandigarh’s Corbusien buildings and the
humility of Sangath by BV Doshi,
The bass in the dhrupad by
Gundecha brothers VS the bass in Nucleya’s compositions.

What are your fondest memories from your initial years of design that aroused curiosity in you to “CREATE”
It could be a book, poetry, a movie, a painting, a melody, some personality or your own experiences.

But in a visual

Pick any of our pieces

study them, understand the form and proportions, blow them up, turn them over, make them fly in the sky, make collages, create an abstract version of them, or even deconstruct them and recreate our pieces in a creative and unique setting.

Recreate iconic movie scenes with our pieces.
Like Ron and Hermoine flying on our pieces, Rafiki lifting baby Simba in our crib .
OR IT could be A space-ship from StarWars.
Translate one of your memories at your
favourite spots in the city using our pieces.