Tea, a leaf grown in deep forests and remote mountains is always the spiritual drink of scholars through thousands of years’ accumulation. However, it can’t be accepted by 80s and 90s young generations in China. Under the promotion of cultural rejuvenation and consumption update, tea market is changing its traditional sales mode to a more diversified, modern and younger sales mode. As a result, it is reported that young people pay more attention to tea and tea-drinking lifestyle than before and tea becomes the best substitution of coffee and soft drinks. Xiao Guan Tea, a high-end Chinese tea brand covering all tea categories takes its responsibilities to explore a happy lifestyle and improve people’s living standards. It begins its business from scratch and becomes a legend in the industry within only two years. Apart from its high quality, Xiao Guan Tea makes every effort to promote the importance of innovation and make Chinese tea younger and more fashionable.


Since the emergence of tea bags, the western changed their way to drink tea, which hastened the birth of Lipton, a world-level tea brand. Based on that, Xiao Guan Tea expects to change Chinese people’s experience of original leaf tea by beautifying tea package.

After three years’ exploration and over 10 package materials’ trials, food grade aluminum jar was selected as the package of Xiao Guan Tea. The aluminum jar is both safe and environmental, which can be recycled. Meanwhile, one jar for one cup of tea is really convenient for the young, and the jar becomes one of the most innovative attempts in tea package industry.


To simplify the way Chinese people drink tea, innovative tea set shall be also provided. The fashion and modern tea set designed by Xiao Guan Tea makes tea drinking easier and more convenient. It also combines the function of covered bowl and Kowloon cup while integrates the style of western modern tea set. Accordingly, the tea set brings a new experience to people who drink tea.

Xiao Guan Tea located itself as world Chinese tea, which aims to make Chinese tea more well-known to the whole world by reconstructing traditional tea culture and tea industry. Standardized products make the consumption process more efficient and simplified. Besides, the fashionable package design attracts more young people. Xiao Guan Tea develops its products based on users’ experience while taking all details in the process of tea drinking into account. As a result, the Chinese tea culture and its traditional industry frame are combined and rebuilt by Xiao Guan Tea.

This time, Xiao Guan Tea, along with international competition platform Young Bird Plan, launches “Guanish” product design international competition. It calls for younger and creative minds to design a new series of tea drinking products which may create new style for young generation to drink tea.

Millennial generation is defined as the generation born between 1980 and 1996, while Generation Z between 1997 and 2010. The general editor of Kantar China Insights says millennials and generation Z may respectively correspond to 80s and 90s group in China. However, it’s interesting to find that the gap between above two generations becomes more and more blurred in pace with your deeper exploration. And it is even widely recognized that the two generations have combined into one strong group with great power which will reshape the consumption culture in the global market.

It is undoubted that how to win millennials and generation Z becomes the key point in the commercial world. Let’s wait and see how will the Guanlish Product Design Competition catch the eyes of new generation.


Whole design schemes for Xiao Guan Tea shall include:

  • Colorful tea jar (it shall be fashionable, cool and attractive to young people)
  • Colorful tea set
  • Package jar for the tea; package for the tea set; package for the whole suit

Package materials are not limited, but environmental protection and sustainability shall be considered.


More: youngbirdplan.com.cn


Total Prize: 80,000 RMB (